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Four 8x8 Features that Improve the Customer Experience

Four 8x8 Features that Improve the Customer Experience

Customer experience is something that most companies know they need but usually fail to deliver. That's one reason why a recent survey of almost 2,000 business professionals found the top priority for the next five years is improving customer experience. 

What if improving your customer experience was as simple as having the right communication tools? 8x8 offers companies crucial features that allow them to provide superior service.  

Here are four top features that help organizations stand out from the competition: 

#1: Communication APIs 

Buyers have a number of brand options today, and they expect that the companies they frequently communicate with to embrace communications on the medium of their choice. Whether its SMS, voice, chat, video, or more, you miss a critical opportunity to create a better customer experience if your support and sales teams are not on those channels.  

The 8x8 Communication API enables your team to streamline their workflows and manage growth to meet the demands of a growing business. That means simplified solutions for being available on whatever platform makes the most sense for your customers, while being able to expand to additional channels in the future. Plus, 8x8’s secure platform enables companies to offer an integrated omnichannel experience without potentially compromising customer data. 

Making it easy for buyers to contact you increases engagement and builds customer loyalty. This 8x8 feature ensures customers have a better experience that caters to their preferences and needs. 

#2: Communicate from Anywhere 

A consistent customer experience is a superior customer experience. Customers want to know ahead of time that their next encounter with your brand will be as simple and pain-free as prior interactions. 8x8 enables companies to deliver a consistent experience with their app that allows team members to chat, call, meet, and share from wherever they are and present a company identity even if they are on their personal devices. 

With the multi-level auto attendant, companies can automate the customer calling experience to distribute incoming calls based on rules such as operating hours and time zones to improve response times. With easy call forwarding, employees can take a business call from any phone and communicate anywhere. 

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#3: Customer Journey Visibility  

Understanding your customer’s journey can help your team optimize their experience. 8x8 CRM enables you to quickly consolidate your customer records into a unified platform that employees can quickly and easily access.  

Understanding a buyer’s history and previous interactions with your company can help ensure you connect them to the right agent and reduce agent effort and case complexity. This all results in a superior customer experience that is personalized to meet their needs. 

#4: Better Decision Making  

Companies that listen to customers find valuable information to grow a more streamlined and profitable business. However, it can sometimes be challenging to turn input into actionable advice. With 8x8, companies can give each customer the option to offer direct feedback. Leadership can then analyze this post-call feedback to identify trends and common threads. It is a valuable opportunity to find ways to increase customer satisfaction. 

Beyond customer surveys, 8x8 Speech Analytics provides immediate insights into customer sentiment and analyzes every customer call to reflect your customer experience accurately. Leadership can use this information to make better decisions and provide more relevant customer responses faster than ever. 

Create a Better Customer Experience 

The right tools will help you provide an experience that keeps customers engaged and loyal. 8x8 provides organizations with the features to provide buyers with the personalized, relevant experience they have come to expect. 

If you want to learn more about how 8x8 can help you create a superior customer experience, request a free quote and speak with one of our experts today

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Four 8x8 Features that Improve the Customer Experience

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