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Zoom is a leading provider of video conferencing and webinar solutions designed to support global teams, large enterprises, and businesses with remote workers. The Zoom platform operates independently of your phone or computer, with a true cloud architecture that makes it easy to utilize and integrate with many other tools.

As a Zoom partner, we work to ensure that your business gets access to the right tools and services it needs to achieve operational goals while controlling costs and limiting disruption to your activities. Learn more about Zoom video, service integration, and what can serve your operations best. To speak with one of our team members, please contact us today

Video ConferencingVideo Conferencing Simplified

Zoom is built to be easy for any team member to use for starting or joining meetings and collaborate during the conversation. With one-click video conferencing, you have access regardless of device, with HD video and audio for two people, up to 1,000 video participants. And every meeting is secure.

Live Broadcasts and on-demand recordingLive broadcasts and on-demand recording

Reach your entire team with any single meeting. Go beyond inviting people to join or requiring Zoom and share live broadcast links on social media and YouTube, plus generate recordings for on-demand or recurring viewing. Remove limits on your message.



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Keeps Teams Engaged and HappyKeep teams engaged and happy

Zoom helps you have meetings that drive to a purpose and generate results, instead of sending staff to sleep. Keep engagement high with built-in interactivity including chat and link sharing, polling, virtual hand-raising, Q&A segments, and more. Plus everything is saved and shared, giving you a searchable history for meetings and interactions.

Robust Analytics to Understand Your Success Robust analytics to understand your success 

Understand how your meetings are working and what’s resonating, all thanks to native tools. Zoom automatically includes and can generate reports on attendance, polling questions and answers, attendee engagement, and even take notes and questions for follow up Q&As or direct outreach to staff and customers.




Hosted video conferencing solutions are mission-critical for any business to meet customer demands and internal needs effectively. As leading video and telecommunications consultants, Converged Technology Professionals is here to help you ask the right questions and get the best answers for selecting the phone and customer support system that is right for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the right service that supports agents, helps customers, and keeps management simple and effective.

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