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At Converged, we proudly support educational institutions across the continental U.S. Our clients range from large universities and some of the nation's largest school districts to small religious and private schools. As technology evolves, the risk to aging infrastructure grows, directly impacting this industry without proper planning. With different laws and regulations in every state, particularly around active shooter needs and phone requirements, educational institutions face unique communication challenges that demand expert guidance.  

Communication with parents and community stakeholders is becoming increasingly complex, especially with bilingual needs. While sourcing models and co-op partners offer some relief, they often leave significant gaps. RFPs are still widely used, but they can leave many projects in a vulnerable position when it comes to implementation, particularly with third-party contractors.  

At our core, we stand out because we listen to the needs and unique challenges of these universities and school districts. We recognize that communication is a critical infrastructure component and that preparing for the unexpected is no small task. Our expertise helps ensure that educational institutions are equipped to handle the dynamic challenges of today’s environment. 

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Our commitment is to provide you with the support and reliability your school district and educational institution demands. As your partner, we become your advocate, standing by you and with you, addressing your questions, offering advice and feedback, and supporting your goals until completion.  


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