Mitel Minute Update: 6900 Series Phones Are Now RingCentral Compatible

Mitel Minute Update_ 6900 Series Phones Are Now RingCentral Compatible

With the recent announcement of Mitel's partnership with RingCentral that allows Mitel on-premise customers to integrate with cloud applications, it seems like new developments are happening almost daily. Here's another: Mitel's 6900 Series phones are now cross-compatible with RingCentral and offer assisted provisioning. 

This update on 4/13/2022 allows for a much smoother provisioning process and supports the following additional features:

  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Presence (BLF)
  • Corporate Directory
  • Paging (sending/receiving)
  • Intercom
  • Hot Desking
  • Shared Lines (BLA)

Assisted Provisioning Requirements & Walkthrough

Before assisted provisioning can be used on the Mitel 6900 series desk phones, they must have a SIP firmware revision to at least or later. You can check your firmware version by navigating to <options>, <status>, and look under the <phone info> section for the firmware.

If your device has an earlier firmware version, then visit this RingCentral guide on how to update the firmware.

From there, your Mitel 6900 series phones can be reset to factory default through TUI or WebUI. A full walkthrough can be found here on either method.

Finally, the steps to use RingCentral's assisted provisioning are as follows:

  1. Sign in to RingCentral.
  2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Phones & Devices > User Phones.
  3. Select the Existing phone with the DigitalLine or phone number you want to assign to the Mitel phone.
  4. Click Setup & Provision.
  5. Type the brand name or model name, select your phone’s model, then click Next. 
  6. Enter the phone’s MAC address.
  7. Open another tab on your browser and search for the phone’s IP address. 
  8. Enter username as admin and password as 22222. If there is a warning about certificate exception (the self-signed certificate presented by the phone is not in the trust store of the internet browser), accept the exception and proceed with the sign in. 
  9. Go to Advanced Settings > Configuration Server.
  10. Set the Download Protocol to HTTPS.
  11. Enter the HTTPS Server and Path in the fields provided:
    • HTTPS Server:
    • HTTPS Path: provisioning/mitel
  12. Click Save Settings.
  13. Click Done on the RingCentral Setup & Provisioning window.

The phone will reboot and download the configuration files. If the phone doesn’t automatically reboot, navigate to Operation > Reset > Restart to start provisioning your device. 

Note: Do not power off or disconnect your device during the upgrade process.

Manual Provisioning Walkthrough

To manually provision your Mitel phone to RingCentral, you'll need to make sure the phone is unlocked, reset it back to its default settings, and have the SIP setting available.  

If you're not sure how to do that, here are instructions to perform those functions and configure your phones so they'll be compatible with RingCentral. 

Capabilities of Provisioned Phones 

With your phones configured, they'll allow the following phone features to work with RingCentral: 

  • Incoming and outgoing calls 

  • Caller ID display 

  • Call Hold and Retrieve 

  • Mute and Volume Controls 

  • Voicemail receiving and playback (no message waiting indicator) 

  • Call Waiting Feature 

  • Transfer: Blind, Attended and Semi-attended 

  • Local conference (3-party) 

  • Local call history and Redial Feature 

  • Local directory/contacts 

  • Call Forwarding Feature using star codes 

  • Call Park and Retrieve (using Star Codes) 

  • Call Flip (using Star Codes) 

  • Local DND - Require configuration of a softkey called Do Not Disturb via WebUI 

  • Creating speed dials (using press and hold keys) 

  • Third-party USB and Bluetooth headset support 

Talk to an Experienced RingCentral Partner

Is Your Head Spinning? 

We understand. The on-prem market is changing, and many businesses are upgrading their communications tools to keep up with current technology. While seemingly simple updates like resetting all your phones can be overwhelming, we know planning a move to cloud can be even more so.  

But you don't have to go it alone. As an experienced Mitel Platinum partner and a RingCentral Premier partner, we have successfully helped many clients migrate to RingCentral at a pace that worked for their organization. 

For help with your migration from Mitel to cloud, contact us.  

As additional details of the Mitel RingCentral acquisition emerge from our partners, we will continue to update our news feed here. If you need immediate support, please reach out to one of our cloud procurement specialists. 

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Mitel Minute Update 6900 Series Phones Are Now RingCentral Compatible

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