Why We Partnered with Balto the AI-Powered Contact Center Coaching Experts


When coaching your agents, do you wish you had real-time guidance leading to better outcomes and happier customers every call? If you think that's impossible, we'd like to introduce you to Balto

A real-time guidance platform for contact centers, Balto offers AI-powered solutions that empower agents to convert better, maintain compliance, and create great customer experiences. 

Who and What Is Balto 

Balto has guided over 130 million calls for companies like AmTrust, RingCentral, Empire-Today, eHealth, and hundreds more to boost critical contact center KPIs. Using an advanced AI language tool, Balto makes recommendations to your agents in real-time on how to steer customer interactions to better outcomes. These improvements can be scaled to whole teams instantly, without the need for re-training. Balto also allows contact centers to A/B test language and phrases, continually learn new best practices, and provides suggestions based on concrete insights. 

And using Balto is easy. Agents access it via the Agent App, while managers use the Cloud App. 

Just in case you're wondering, its state-of-the-art security infrastructure ensures the privacy of all customer data: 

  • PCI, PHI, and PII Security: Automatically flags customer information, like credit cards and phone numbers, and does not save them to disk.

  • 256-Bit Encryption: Data is transferred and stored using bank-grade 256-bit encryption, the industry standard for security.

  • HTTPS & TLS 1.2: Browser communication is encrypted and authenticated to ensure secure communication between systems. 

Want to move your contact center to the cloud?

Balto's Suite of Products 

Balto's suite of products include: 

  • Real-Time Guidance 

  • Real-Time Coaching 

  • Real-Time Q&A 

The components work together so you can see your essential data in real-time and immediately reinforce that information with your team. Deeper insight allows organizations to source, scale, analyze and iterate to expedite training, improve customer service, and help sales teams overcome objections, increasing conversion rates. 

Learn more about each below: 

Real-Time Guidance 

Balto's AI power is always there to assist. Guide agents live when they need it—during calls, not after— for instant insight into what works and how to implement best practices immediately. 

Key features:  

  • Smart Checklist: Provides a flow list of agent prompts and requirements that get automatically checked off during conversation when Balto hears them. 

  • Dynamic Prompts: Gives agents essential AI-guided pop-up rebuttals, product information, compliance statements, and more.

  • Reporting: Understand agent performance with a complete picture of every single call. Know who is saying what and when (or not) and get transcript snippets for context. 

  • Win Rate Analysis: Analyze what works best automatically by comparing the effectiveness of specific phrases across all agents so they can win more calls. 

Real-Time Coaching 

Managers receive real-time coaching and intervention alerts, so they can provide one-on-one coaching when it matters most—during the call. 

Key features:  

  • Triggers & Alerts: Set triggers and alerts to request manager support in real-time. 

  • Live Listen: Use the Cloud App to listen to calls as they're happening with one click. 

  • Agent Chat: Improve agent performance immediately with chat coaching recommendations.  

Real-Time QA 

Get all your data at the push of a button with real-time 100% call coverage and automatic scoring. 

Key Features:  

  • Customizable Scorecards: Easily build weighted criteria for 100% of calls in a few clicks. 

  • QA Dashboard: Get call insights and agent scores right now, not in a few hours. 

  • QA Reports: Analyze agent or team performance over time. 

Why We Became a Partner of Balto 

That's simple. Cloud-based telecommunications is constantly evolving, and we want to be sure to provide the best options to our client base so they can better understand and serve their customers. We are always looking for new partnerships that enhance our product profile and help our UCaaS and CCaaS customers save time, bolster security, and perform better overall.  

Or, as Chris Frey, VP of Cloud and Contact Center put it, "We've partnered with Balto because we want our customers to have access to a product that helps them improve in a meaningful way. Measured success is easy to see and articulate. With other products, you can't pinpoint if it worked, but with Balto, you can quantify increases in efficiency in the contact center."   

Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about how Balto can help your contact center. 

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Why We Partnered with Balto the AI-Powered Contact Center Coaching Experts

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