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Great Experiences: How CCaaS Enhances Mid-Market and Enterprise Productivity

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You hear it all the time; it’s all about the experience. Keeping staff and customers happy is a constant concern for mid to large-sized organizations. After all, with the competitive landscape in today's business climate—where one bad social media thrashing can alter your brand reputation—organizations can't afford to cultivate dissatisfaction. 

We have good news; it is possible for today's mid-market and enterprise companies to empower employees and provide stellar customer experiences while operating more efficiently, handling busy times with ease, lowering costs, and driving productivity.  

How? With Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) for enhanced productivity. Read on to learn more and get some industry-specific examples: 

Faster Response Times 

It's no secret that customers expect businesses to provide numerous channels for connection, but that alone isn't enough. CCaaS technology customizes the service experience, something a legacy phone system typically cannot do as easily. And a CCaaS platform delivers it all through one unified application, allowing for faster response times, which saves on labor, and decreases missed opportunities. 

Industry Example 


Imagine your staff harnessing the power of true collaboration across calls, messaging, video chats, and more, keeping your team secure and fully connected regardless of location or device. Plus, better communication means higher levels of service to your communities. When constituents need to reach out, it's on their terms. Features like advanced call routing, SMS, text, and pre-recorded messages simplify every aspect of managing, routing, and handling calls, ensuring the community's needs are prioritized in the most efficient way possible. 

More First Call Resolutions  

Customers get to the right person or self-service option the first time around with: 

  • Skills-based routing: Customers do not like repeating themselves, and sometimes the frustration is taken out on your employees. Skills-based routing assigns customer calls to the most suitable staff member. Unlike traditional routing, which uses an automatic call distributor (ACD) to route a call to the next available rep, the skills-based routing system uses an interactive voice response (IVR) dialer system to match menu options to agents with matching skill sets.   

  • IVR: Speaking of IVR, when customers can call into an IVR and get what they need, when they need it, anytime they want it, the result is still first call resolution. The only difference is the first contact is with an IVR solution instead of a live person. This is made possible by programming the IVR to provide advanced functionality in the form of self-service, whether making a payment, canceling or updating an order, or any number of other instances where appropriate.  

Industry Example


Patients often use IVR menus (and inadvertently skills-based routing) when contacting healthcare professionals. From bill payment to scheduling appointments to speaking with a member of the medical team, these contact center tools aid in getting the caller to the appropriate party or application without having to pass the call around from department to department.  

Real-Time Guidance Through Data Analytics 

Contact Center platforms offer a wide range of real-time data to help guide decisions for enhanced training, retraining, product offerings, customer support issues, and more.  

For instance, unexpected heavy call volumes can overtax customer service agents trying to keep up with the call flow. Proper analytics and real-time reporting allow managers to quickly recognize the need to add or shift agents around to disperse the call load, making a massive difference in performance and customer experience.  

Recruiting and training new talent can be costly in both time and dollars. Data insight tools help management recognize when staff may need additional training or retraining. Focus on empowering your existing agents with the right tools and platform that encourages a positive experience resulting in happier employees and, by extension, more satisfied customers.  

Industry Example 


In the manufacturing world, a phone system represents the lifeblood of its business, building supply chains on efficient collaboration connecting customers and service agents. It also seamlessly connects warehouse managers and delivery personnel, not to mention the sales reps and their myriad of contacts.  

The right call center data analytics can help you identify weak spots in your communications operations to spot emerging performance patterns and turn them into actionable insights to drive better customer service and other critical decisions. 

While the examples above are industry-specific, they apply to all mid-market and enterprise companies. Communication platforms are not one size fits all; even organizations in the same industry need customized solutions to enhance productivity and drive happiness for your customers and team.  

Are you ready to evaluate your current communications system and future goals? Get in touch. Our specialty is evaluating, planning, implementing, and supporting customized solutions for business. 

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