Hidden Benefits of Moving from Mitel to RingCentral

Hidden Benefits of Moving from Mitel to RingCentral


Since the announcement of their partnership in November 2021, Mitel has increasingly encouraged MiCloud Connect and Mitel MiVoice Connect (ShoreTel Legacy) customers to move to RingCentral. The push comes about because Mitel has chosen to move out of the UCaaS market and focus on their existing PBX line. As a result of this strategic shift, they no longer sell these platforms and are winding down support.  

It's understandable that while some customers have migrated over to RingCentral, others may not be aware of the need to move sooner rather than later and are still evaluating their options.  

What we say next may surprise you. It's not always about who you choose (although RingCentral is an excellent choice for most); sometimes, it's more about how you get to the goalpost.  

Mitel chose RingCentral as their partner for a reason. Overall, RingCentral provides a lot of benefits for any customer looking to adopt a cloud telephony platform: 

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in UCaaS and CCaaS  

  • Outstanding service level agreement (SLA) terms and five 9s uptime guaranteed carrier performance 

  • Strong global presence with regional calling plans and local phone numbers that unite your international team members and enable a regional presence for the business 

  • Superior advanced analytics historically and in real-time 

  • Excellent voice, video, team messaging, and other collaboration features 

But, the specific benefits for Mitel users make RingCentral even more attractive when determining which vendor to choose. We thought you'd appreciate knowing what those are. 

Here are the inherent benefits of moving—whether on-prem or cloud-to-cloud—from Mitel to RingCentral:  

Your Move to Cloud Communications Will Be Easier 

There's a built-in value when changing from Mitel to RingCentral. The two companies worked together to ensure customers get a reciprocal migration experience with the least amount of headaches and disruption possible. 

One main point to consider is that because you're already a Mitel customer, Mitel has all your account information. They've got records of your current system, its issues, and support history. They also have your system design logs, including user configurations, auto attendant prompts, profile settings, and phone migration details. Mitel knows you, and when you work with a partner that understands your business that goes a long way in making the transition smoother. 

Talk to an Experienced RingCentral Partner

Overall, your migration experience is enhanced, allowing current data to inform your decisions regarding the updates and changes you'll need on your new RingCentral platform, ultimately optimizing your solution

Why is this important?  

Two of the main reasons are below: 

Your Mitel to RingCentral Move Will Save You Time 

Providers and communications partners must take specific steps to complete the implementation of a new cloud telecommunications solution. Typically, it isn't a straight line from planning your migration strategy to its execution. 

Moving from Mitel to RingCentral is quicker than migrating to another provider, saving you time in the following areas: 

  • Less Pre-Preparation Time: Typically, you'd spend days or weeks compiling information on configuration, users, data, and more to provide to your communications partner before they could begin strategic planning for your move. But this step isn't needed since Mitel already has all your information (as discussed above). 

  • Less Pre-Implementation Testing Time: Before your go-live date, your communications partner's operations team will typically perform acceptance testing to be sure the migration process can run smoothly, reducing errors in system behavior. Because data sharing between Mitel and RingCentral is already in place, designing the new system is streamlined, as is the testing process, due to knowing your current functionality and its limitations. 

  • More Efficient Adoption: Another time-saver is the option to choose self-service or guided onboarding. When you work with a partner like us, we offer customized training through our Technical Account Management (TAM) team. However, to be fair, RingCentral offers a self-service option, allowing for flexibility in new user adoption. This means less time for your team to get up to speed on the new tools, softening the learning curve and maximizing your investment quicker.  

Your Mitel to RingCentral Move Will Save You Money 

Another benefit of moving from RingCentral to Mitel is the opportunity to save money. Economic downturn or not, a modern cloud-based telecommunications solution is a critical component to your company's success in the market. It can also be a considerable business expenditure, making cost-effectiveness a factor in any decision.  

Here are a few ways a Mitel to RingCentral move can help save your organization money: 

  • Device Transfer: Mitel is working with RingCentral to make their current phones compatible with RingCentral. For example, if you're already using Mitel 6900 series phones, you can protect your investment and keep them, preserving the total cost of ownership (TCO).  

  • Incentives: Mitel worked with RingCentral to offer incentives for the MiCloud and MiVoice Connect customer base to move to RingCentral. While offers may vary, they could include special pricing and cash-back offers. Your communications partner can work with both providers to get you the best deal on your migration. 

A Trusted Communications Partner Can Help Save More Time and Money 

Speaking of partners, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention them here. With the influx of movement, both RingCentral and Mitel support partner assistance. It’s prudent to have someone in your corner to help navigate the process, even in this situation.  

Working with a trusted communications partner (like us!) will benefit you in this situation because we act as a liaison between the two parties, even negotiating for better pricing and terms. Additionally, only a few partners (like us! Getting the hint?) can perform implementation on your behalf, and provide US-based ongoing support options, making the whole operation even smoother and faster. 

Wondering if a move to RingCentral is right for you? We’ll help you navigate your options. Contact us here

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