How RingCentral Injects Intelligent Design to Improve Productivity


As a business communications advisor and support partner, we know how to help businesses find the best-fit cloud-based unified communications (UCaaS) solution for their needs.  Incorporating intelligence in these systems, whether for office or contact center environments, is how to make the most of what they offer in order to increase your productivity and efficiency throughout your business operations.

So, we’re going to look at RingCentral, a leading communications and collaboration provider when it comes to improving operations and increasing employee productivity. The platform is extensive and provides high-quality features and collaboration tools, such as video and voice meetings, while remaining easy to use for most agents.

As a 100% cloud-built solution, you’re able to deploy it for both remote and onsite teams, and are less likely to suffer a service outage compared to single on-site systems.

Your agents and IT will enjoy its broad support of devices, including apps and mobile functionality, plus its ability to integrate with other software you use to provide service such as support desk ticketing apps.

Diving into your agents specifically, let’s look at a few of the RingCentral features that enable you to help your customers faster and more efficiently.

Smart routing for better workflows

RingCentral’s call routing can help you direct every call to the right agent based on availability and expertise. This can help you cut down wait time and hold time (which no customer enjoys no matter how great your musical taste) and limit the number of times a customer is placed on hold during service while one agent connects them to another department.

The platform’s smart routing feature dynamically assigns calls based on a variety of information and requirements you establish, which leads to advanced capabilities for select clients as well as smarter handling of standard calls.

What your customers experience is having the best person solve each problem. This approach minimizes churn, protecting your business for the long haul.

A nice part of this feature is the ability to add routing intelligence and rules at any given moment. So, if you have a service outage or disruption, calls about it can immediately be sent to the team who is handling the issue instead of standard customer service agents.

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Auto-prompts and AI

Using RingCentral’s automation abilities helps your agents solve concerns more quickly. They can get prompts faster, have your knowledge base already sorted and ready, and AI learns over time to make responding quicker and more efficient.

AI and the prompts it generates are going to support your agents and help them grow, acting as a partner to make service better instead of a tool to replace the live support that clients crave. These technological advancements are what’s powering today’s chatbots to answer frequent questions while agents focus on high-level, high-value interactions designed to build your business.

Looking to the future, the AI system of RingCentral is designed to leverage the data you have so that agents have the full set of customer details as well as broader metrics to understand how people with similar issues have been helped.

You can thereby reduce delays and steps by knowing the customer’s name and products they have with you, what assistance they’ve already received, and if they’re calling about a new or repeat issue.

These tools help you answer basic questions and requests automatically, provide context to agents for high-quality responses, and can ensure that you’re looking for patterns about the calls that will come in tomorrow and beyond.

Platform-wide analytics can help you make smarter decisions

RingCentral offers a variety of analytics tools for floor managers and leadership to use for understanding how organizational communication processes and protocols are performing across channels.

With a simple dashboard, managers and leadership can identify duplicate efforts, workflow issues, slowdowns, and unnecessary steps that customers or agents are forced to take.

You can easily track top KPIs for all people and channels, managed by a single dashboard that creates a global view of activity and disruption. A real-time understanding of your agents and service demands makes it easy to utilize every resource fully and give your team the extra time they need for more challenging service solutions.

The RingCentral solution also makes it easy to adjust as you need, such as coaching agents when they hit certain metrics, optimizing activities, pushing customers to more chat channels, and more. You can also like it to other tools such as your CRM, giving agents and other teams more data about operations and interactions. 

Know how your entire customer experience is running at any given moment, track trends, and be better prepared to adjust to customer demands.

The system is always growing with you

Perhaps the most crucial element to leave you with about RingCentral is that, if you adopt the system, you’re investing in a long-term solution. We’re a RingCentral Premier Partner and have seen the company’s growth and expansion over the years, always improving what it offers businesses like yours.

There are plenty of tools that you can start using immediately, including its latest RingCentral for Skype for Business 2.0 features designed to improve inbound and outbound calls.   Employ leading business intelligence and workforce management features, move data to other parts of your organization, prioritize customers, and solve problems faster.

Remember, we’re creating a partnership, and that means needing the best solution designed with your team and productivity in mind. Converged Technology Professionals is here to help you with questions or system selection. Contact us today to learn more or request a demo.


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