The Importance of Employee Training for Unified Communications

The Importance of Employee Training for Unified Communications


The rising tide of cloud adoption has many businesses and IT leaders planning how they can facilitate the transition to a hybrid remote, cloud-native workforce.  Leaders have realized they can’t bring in new communication tools and allow employees across the company to develop inconsistent levels of proficiency and overall adoption rates.  In fact, some experts would argue that training is the most important step in any migration project, both for employees and administrators. 

There are several compelling reasons why leaders believe thorough training is crucial when rolling out new technology and why they see it as an investment rather than an expense: 

  • First and foremost, companies have a significant investment in moving to the cloud.  It is a large up-front cost and training is the most efficient way to achieve maximum ROI. 

  • Without efficient group training, your IT department gets overwhelmed with open tickets and calls over simple, everyday tasks that users do not understand. 

  • Finally, high workforce adoption rates are fundamental to reaching the various business goals set by executives and the board.   

The Typical UCaaS and CCaaS Training Process 

Frequently, training is a low priority during a new technology rollout.  While a company may pay for a training or two, these courses often aren’t structured past sending a single email with optional attendance.  Yet if employees don’t take advantage of early training, the burden falls squarely on the IT department to make up the slack while users try to figure out the technology on their own.  The result is a very slow adoption rate with extensive misunderstandings. 

In the meantime, the IT department is hammered for months with basic questions from the users that do make the switch.   They receive hundreds of the same basic questions such as: “How do I transfer a call?”  While these topics are simple and easy to answer, the large volume of queries each day paralyzes and wears out an IT department. 

Overall, a significant amount of time, money and resources are wasted because training was not prioritized during the implementation stage.   

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Training with Converged Technology Professionals 

To help your business make the most of its move to the cloud, Converged Technology Professionals provides a structured training program that is highly customized to your business and how you’ll use the new platform.  We provide multiple training sessions for both your IT administrators and staff members, which will break down how to make the most out of your communications platform from day one.  Our team also handles the scheduling and reminders to ensure maximum turnout.   

Additionally, we provided recorded versions of each training session that are hosted online, making it easy for current and future employees to brush up on their skills whenever it’s required.  With a much higher initial adoption rate through custom training, learning curves are drastically reduced and processes are optimized at a much faster rate.  This approach also frees up your IT department to focus on optimizing your network and adding new mission-critical features.   

The difference is night and day to conventional training offered by the technology vendors. 

If your team is in the planning stages of a cloud migration or simply looking at potential options, contact Converged Technology Professionals today to learn how we can help.  Personalized training is just one of our added benefits to help you achieve an excellent long-term ROI on your investments. 


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The Importance of Employee Training for Unified Communications

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