The Importance of Training in UCaaS and CCaaS Implementations

The Importance of Training in UCaaS and CCaaS Implementations


Picture this: after dealing with a legacy PBX phone system for years, your organization has finally adopted a UCaaS or CCaaS platform. Now it's time to sit back and reap the benefits of these new tools while bolstering employee productivity and customer satisfaction, right?  

Wrong. There's another crucial step that's vital for success, and that's training.  

The right communications partner understands that. They'll not only help you plan, select, and deploy your new system, but they'll also offer you the opportunity for customized, coordinated training like that provided by our Technical Account Management team. Because without proper end-user instruction, your investment could go right out the window.  

After all, you wouldn't drive a car without taking lessons and getting a driver's license. 

From employee engagement and retention to better customer outcomes, let's look at why training in UCaaS and CCaaS implementations is essential for any organization.  

The Value of Customized Training 

In these uncertain times, some businesses struggle to attract and keep employees. Others have to let go of staff, placing a higher burden on the remainder of the team. Proper training is crucial in today's environment for new and experienced employees alike. 

Businesses that educate end-users on new technology saw a maximization of the business value of System Applications and Products (SAP) implementations in several ways, including:  

  • 123% greater improvement in their value drivers 

  • Accelerated deployment time by up to 2 months 

  • Expansion of SAP use solution more quickly 

  • 72% higher satisfaction rate organization-wide 

Tailored training reflects how people use the technology in their department and role, bolstering attendance and engagement. Your communications partner is the best option for customized training since they know your organization's unique situation and the chosen UCaaS or CCaaS solution well.  

But that's not all. Investing in training: 

Promotes a Positive Company Culture 

A Glint report states opportunities to learn and grow as the #1 driver of excellent work culture. Furthermore, employees who work for a company with attributes that align with their own are more likely to be satisfied in their work, build better organizational relationships, and be more productive.  

Encourage employees to attend training provided by your communications partner. Work with the partner to make training not only informative but fun.   

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Delivers a More Consistent ROI

Here's a scenario: you move to a new UCaaS or CCaaS solution and leave training to individual users. Maybe you link to some training videos on the vendor's website, hoping everyone will make training a priority whenever they have time.

In these situations, what often happens is that the majority of employees learn the bare minimum to get started. Many feel completely lost and avoid using the new technology. In contrast, others submit support tickets asking how to perform everyday tasks, forming a logjam that overburdens your IT department with meager overall adoption rates. 

Why is this a massive problem? Let's say you've signed a two-year contract for the new UCaaS platform. What do you do 18 months out when you have a 40% adoption rate and it's time to renew? It's a no-win situation caused by not prioritizing a formal training process. 

Improves Employee Morale 

Properly trained employees are less likely to experience job-related burnout; thus, they're less stressed and more likely to feel satisfied with their companies and jobs.  

They're also more likely to feel supported. A lack of adequate training can contribute to mistakes, which leads to anxiety and a negative view of the workplace. It's a vicious cycle easily remedied with the utilization of proper resources. 

Better Customer Outcomes 

Formal training leads to 23% higher job performance (Arthur, W. et al., 2003). Your staff must feel comfortable with their skill set to do their best, including using tools to get their job done. When employees have the training to use the resources at their disposal confidently, that will trickle down to your customer through better experiences and outcomes.  

Saves Your Organization Money 

Last but not least, training can actually save your organization money. Employees dissatisfied by their company's lack of skill recognition are 10 times more likely to be looking for a new job than those who feel that their skills are being put to good use. 

Employee attrition is a high price to pay for lack of training. You may not think you can afford to invest in it, but if you really think about it, how can you afford not to? 

According to a PWC CEO Survey, organizations that provide opportunities that support employee upskilling perform better than those that aren't as mature in that area: 

  • 60% stronger corporate culture and employee engagement vs. 23%  

  • 43% higher workforce productivity vs. 17% 

  • 37% greater business growth vs. 15% 

  • 51% greater innovation and accelerated digital transformation vs. 15% 

  • 35% reducing skill gaps and mismatches vs. 10% 

Proper education plays a significant role in achievement, satisfaction, and security. When implementing a communications platform, it's vital to ensure leadership and staff have the comfort level needed to use the new tools without disrupting business. But it's not a stretch to say it's also essential for their future and the company.  

Please reach out if you'd like to learn more about UCaaS, CCaaS, or our Technical Account Management team and customized training. 

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The Importance of Training in UCaaS and CCaaS Implementations

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