RingCentral Partners with Verizon to Serve Enterprise UCaaS Clients

RingCentral Partners with Verizon to Serve Enterprise UCaaS Clients


Mobility giant Verizon Business recently announced a new partnership with UCaaS leader RingCentral to combine enterprise cloud communications and enterprise mobility into a single technology platform.   The collaboration between RingCentral, a leader at the cutting edge of cloud communications technology, and the vast network of Verizon Business is poised to revolutionize how enterprise businesses communicate.  

The offering provides Verizon clients with a full suite of tools on a cloud platform. From team messaging to video conferencing, cloud telephony and texting, the solution enables large and enterprise businesses to implement hybrid work environments that removes boundaries from the workplace.  

As a basis for the strategy, Verizon Business sees an accelerating demand for cloud communications from its enterprise clients, even as business conditions return to normal.  This partnership allows companies that require more flexibility in their communications platform to leverage Verizon’s network and RingCentral’s innovative cloud features and collaboration tools as a single service, built on a nationwide 5G network. 

The partnership between RingCentral and Verizon will create a new co-branded service called RingCentral with Verizon. This UCaaS based offering is designed with enterprise clients in mind.  It will deliver a unified environment for the solution itself, plus the support, contracting and implementation necessary. It will bring RingCentral’s phone, video, texting and message platform onto Verizon’s leading network.  

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According to COO and President of RingCentral, Anand Eswaran, this partnership’s goal is to drive fantastic value for customers. RingCentral looks forward to combining its innovation and cutting-edge technology with Verizon's reach to implement a comprehensive solution for each client’s digital transformation.  

This new partnership represents a key step in Verizon’s network-as-a-service solution.  It includes access to mobile edge computing, 5G, security and SD-WAN. RingCentral’s contribution provides a secure, cloud-based platform that is designed to meet the needs of remote and distributed workforces by integrating with popular CRMs and other digital apps through API’s and various other tools.  

Both RingCentral and Verizon were named leaders in the IDC MarketScape for UCaaS service providers for Enterprises in 2021. The combined efforts of the two leading companies on an innovative solution makes a compelling opportunity for enterprises prioritizing investment in the cloud.  

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