The Value of a Trusted Cloud Partner

The Value of a Trusted Cloud Partner


Migrating to the cloud comes with many benefits including easier IT maintenance, improved scalability, higher agent productivity and lower overall costs. But before a company can utilize these benefits, they must first prepare for an ideal migration that’s designed for their specific needs.

Migrating to the cloud requires a lot of research and planning that can be daunting for your team to handle internally. That’s why having a technology partner who simplifies and streamlines this process can result in a much better migration. 

Here are a few of the major benefits that come with aligning your business with a trusted cloud partner-  

A Specialization in Leading Cloud Solutions 

A reliable cloud partner has many years of valuable experience dealing exclusively with cloud-based solutions, which allows them to better prepare for potential challenges. At Converged Technology Professionals, we have worked in a variety of industries including state & local government, manufacturing, education, and professional sports teams, just to name a few.

No matter the industry, if you are stuck with a legacy on-prem PBX system or have a partner that is not working with your best interests at heart, we want to help. Many of our clients are shocked to find how smooth the migration process is when partnering with us. We exceed their expectations because our team is dedicated to always putting the customer first and aligning our interests with theirs. 

A Trusted Cloud Partner Saves you Time & Money 

There are many ways to go about adopting a cloud-based solution. It might be in your best interests to consider a hybrid solution that utilizes your current on-prem PBX system while also capitalizing on the many benefits that come with a cloud solution. Or perhaps an omnichannel deployment is a better fit, allowing your agents to communicate with customers on a variety of social channels. The possibilities are nearly endless and it all comes down to proper planning. 

That is why it is crucial to find a partner that understands your industry, company objectives and the technology your business already has in place. That way both parties can work together to create a unique strategic path that consists of the right solutions to accomplish your company’s goals. 

For example, if an immediate goal is to find ways to increase agent productivity, we suggest a solution that has advanced analytics features to gain better insights into employee performance. 

A Partner Perspective on Transitioning from Mitel to RingCentral

Get Help Outside of the Cloud Provider 

Communicating with vendors directly can often be slow and very costly. If your business’s phone system is down and you need technical support immediately, every passing minute could result in a negative customer experience or lost opportunity. 

This can be avoided if you align with a trusted cloud partner like Converged Technology Professionals. If you have an issue that needs to be resolved quickly, we have long-term relationships with our vendors and can reach out to senior support leaders to resolve issues much faster. 

Partnering with us also gives you access to our extensive experience helping enterprise clients with their cloud migration projects. At Converged, this guidance could be anything from reviewing legal contract agreements for accuracy to informing you about the latest technologies and program releases to better prepare your business for the future. 

A Trusted Cloud Partner Works Based on Your Best Interests 

A true partner advocates for your business in other ways as well. They also work with your best interest at heart when it comes to negotiating better terms in the contract

A reliable cloud partner will also talk to providers with you to uncover more favorable contract terms that you may have not thought to ask for. These could include benefits like additional features, price locks, and the ability to scale your active number of phone lines up or down in the future if needed. 

Not All Partners Are Equal 

Unfortunately, not all cloud partners operate with your best interests first. You may stumble across some partners who have an impressively large network of resources that appear to be excited to work with you. However, after you sign the complex contract and implement the solution they eagerly sold you, these sales agents vanish, leaving you with a product that is not the right fit for your business. 

These sales reps are often working for a  master agent, with the singular goal of closing a large amount deals with as many new clients as possible. The problem with this approach is that the recommendations you receive are based on whichever vendor is offering the master agent the highest short-term incentives.

They are not concerned about your success because once you agree to move forward with implementing the solution, they will already be on to the next customer. 

Migrating to the cloud is an exciting endeavor, but it is certainly not easy. Having a reliable cloud partner you can trust allows you to make the best decisions for your company today while also being prepared for the future.

We recommend finding a partner that has extensive communications experience in your industry and understands all the challenges you're trying to solve. Contact us today to learn how we have helped our clients with their journey to the cloud! 


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The Value of a Trusted Cloud Partner

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