Who’s In Your Corner When a Migration Turns Ugly?

Who’s In Your Corner When a Migration Turns Ugly


This post is provided by Stephen Doerr, our Program Manager, Technical Account Team. 

Recently, we had a client in the medical industry reach out to Converged Technology Professionals to discuss a path to cloud communications.  We conducted a thorough review of their existing technology, recommended a path forward and ultimately decided on the ideal cloud provider for their business model.  Everything progressed according to plan in a timely fashion- until all hell broke loose. 

To be fully transparent, we oversaw the necessary programming for the client, ensured that their numbers ported correctly and stayed in close contact with their IT department throughout the process.  Yet a few days after the go-live date, the client reached out to inform us that some callers were receiving a “not in service” message.  Our team went back to re-verify that the number porting was completed correctly and we didn’t see anything wrong, so we informed the client that it was likely a translation issue. 

Fast forward a day or two and this client is now in a complete panic; he realized that their referrals from the local hospital were way down and confirmed that calls were not getting through.  We quickly eliminated it being a local problem and realized that it was only calls on the losing carrier that were being blocked- every other call connected fine.  So it would be up to the initial carrier to locate the translation issue and solve the problem. 

Only, the losing carrier said that the new UCaaS carrier have to re-file all the porting paperwork to solve the problem.  Meanwhile, the cloud provider had already verified the numbers were already ported, so this client was stuck between two providers that were giving very different answers; all the while losing thousands of dollars in referrals for every hour this problem was not addressed correctly. 

At Converged Technology Professionals, we always tell our clients that we’ll fight for them whenever a problem arises, and that was certainly put to the test in this specific situation.  We followed our support escalations while also pulling in our executive team to utilize our resources as advisory board members with our partner.  Other team members also worked their way up the corporate ladder with the large Telecom provider, eventually reaching a case manager who simply repeated what her technicians had already shared.   

Late that evening with a team effort between our TAM’s, our executive team and various departments with our strategic vendor, the losing carrier finally realized the problem and fixed the issue overnight.  This is just one of the many examples where we demand excellence for our clients and refuse to compromise on anything that is not right. 

While most agents say, “this isn’t our fight,” our philosophy has always been that we’re an extension of our clients’ IT department and leadership team.  If it takes an all-out brawl with a technology leader to protect your best interests, then that’s what we will do every single time.  A reliable technology partner is a valuable asset when unforeseen problems arise and can be incredibly valuable in these types of situations. 

Contact us today to learn more about our client relationships and how we can serve your best interests. 

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