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Intrado Revolution is a state-of-the-art mass notifications platform to deliver critical information to your team members, regardless whether they’re on premise, in the field or working remotely.  It provides both audio and visual information to your staff in real-time across internal speakers and/or all of today’s most popular devices. 


A New Era of Communications

Intrado Revolution is a centralized notifications platform that allows you to deliver important information quickly and reliably. 

State of the art Technology

Ideal for Any PBX Configuration

Intrado Revolution is located on-site at one of your facilities and managed in the cloud, making it highly adaptable for any PBX



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Streamline How You Stay Connected

Mass Notifications 

Deliver standard or important information to your team in real time, through IP phones and desktops or via digital signs, speakers, SMS & more.  

Built-in E911 Notifications

Emergency Alerts 

Pre-set emergency alerts keep your team safe and informed with integrations to fire alarms, the National Weather Service & other systems. 



CTPicon_Simplify Your Network

Routine Communications 

Share non-emergency updates with your employees, visitors, students and more across your facilities worldwide. 



Simplified Deployment 

Intrado Revolution is easy to deploy, manage and integrate into your existing technologies for a true unified mass notifications solution. 

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Intrado Revolution is an ideal mass notification solution for both on-premise and cloud-based PBX systems.  To learn more or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us today

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