Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance  


Video Modernizes Your Workplace Safety Initiatives

From monitoring important entry points to keeping an eye on worker efficiency, security cameras are becoming a standard practice within workplace safety initiatives. Due to increased requests, Converged Technology Professionals now stocks a wide variety of video cameras and workplace safety components to help you capture activity throughout your offices and warehouses. 

Monitor Areas with High Activity Levels

Monitor Areas with High Activity Levels 

Video allows you to record high traffic areas throughout your organization to monitor safety, measure productivity, and locate your team members in real-time. 


Record Everyone Who Enters & Exits 

Combined with a motion sensor or card reader, fixed door cameras can record everyone who enters and exits your facilities throughout the workday. 

SafetyProvide Video for Workplace Safety 

Video is great for documenting accidents and improving workplace safety protocols.  Choose from a wide range of fixed, wide-angle cameras to keep an eye on your premises. 


Advanced Scanning & Tracking Cameras 

We also offer more advanced, high-definition cameras that can automatically track movements of employees, vehicles, or other important assets throughout your organization.  



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