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Extreme Networks helps make networking more agile, secure and manageable with their advanced networking tools and applications. Through digital transformation, organizations and businesses from across the globe and multiple industries are benefiting from tighter connections with customers and a healthier bottom-line.

As an Extreme Networks Partner and with our IT networking services, we are able to provide your business with the best enterprise network capabilities that are cutting-edge and help solve your most complex business challenges.

Extremecloud IQExtremeCloud IQ

ExtremeCloud IQ, helps your IT team stay focused on what is most important by streamlining your network operations from deployment to maintenance.  With ExtremeCloud IQ, you can easily monitor the health and security of every device and user throughout your network from end-to-end.

Public Private or Local CloudPublic, Private, or Local Cloud

Extreme Networks provides multiple options for your network infrastructure whether your network is pubic, private or local.   Advanced analytics and machine learning provides insights into the health of your network whether managing your own datacenter or running a local network on-premise. 



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Extreme Networks gives IT administrators a 360 degree view of client, device, and wired and wireless network security. Extreme Networks provides cloud managed network access, granular policy control, compliance solutions, guest engagement solutions and comprehensive wireless intrusion prevention systems.

Analytics and VisibilityAnalytics & Visibility

Enjoy access to analytics and visibility into your network infrastructure with ExtremeAnalytics.  Real-time application insights and notifications increases security response times and keeps your network optimized enabling you to troubleshoot root-causes quickly in order to take the necessary actionable steps. 



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