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At Converged Technology Professionals, we are a prominent Mitel/ShoreTel Platinum Partner that specializes in helping enterprises manage and optimize their ShoreTel PBX solutions.  Our team has extensive experience with the ShoreTel platform, and we take pride in providing an extra level of peace of mind for all your communication needs. 

What makes us stand out from other Mitel and ShoreTel partners?  It is our commitment to providing a holistic, consultative role as a natural extension of your IT department’s leadership.  From implementing best practices on ShoreTel 14.2 to troubleshooting existing problems and providing the exact levels of support you need; our team is always just a phone call away.  We can also help with developing full scale contact center solutions and other technologies to compliment your ShoreTel system. 

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A New Level of ShoreTel Support & Guidance 

As your dedicated ShoreTel support partner, we would start our relationship by conducting a full PBX audit to determine if there are any hardware or software deficiencies within your ShoreTel platform.  Then we’ll work with your IT team to eliminate potential problems for maximum stability and reliability.  Our team takes these extra steps up front because we are not your average ShoreTel/Mitel partner; we take a hands-on approach to work alongside you for all your communication needs. 

At Converged Technology Professionals, we believe that being a “partner” is more than just a phrase.  When businesses seek us out for our IT expertise, they receive an actual partner that’s always available and working on protecting your best interests as a company.  We are your go-to ShoreTel partner for consulting, feedback, analysis, networking, configurations, sales orders, upgrades, and other important needs specific for your business.   

A Deeper Understanding on Your Communication Needs 

Additionally, our team at Converged Technology Professionals has extensive real-life, practical experience within the industries we serve.  We understand the unique challenges within your vertical and how your team communicates internally, with your partners and with your customers.   Yet we also understand that every business is different and you’re looking for direct guidance from technology experts to gain competitive advantages.  We are unique in filling the role of advisor, technical support and sales representatives from a single source. 

Our goal is to help you create a strategic plan for your ShoreTel PBX that incorporates flexibility and reliability for both today and in the future, whether that’s a path to the cloud, staying on-premise or leveraging a hybrid solution.  We’ve helped many of our enterprise clients make these challenging decisions by providing apples to apples comparisons of their options, the financial impacts and how it will define your future technologies.  Our recommendations are based on decades of leading IT experience on the ShoreTel platform and working directly with leaders within your industry.



We really got something special with ShoreTel and Converged Technology Professionals - great partner and support, great technology and stability, and a great price.

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Adapting ShoreTel to a Rapidly Changing Workforce 

Chances are that the pandemic has changed your company footprint with employees working from home and different needs within your regional offices and facilities.  You’re probably using your ShoreTel system in new ways outside of the traditional phone calls & faxing and maybe you are branching out to other platforms for video, messaging and workforce management.  We’ll help you simplify that process by bringing all those technologies into a single tech stack that work harmoniously to drive sales and performance. 

When you work with Converged, you will have a single point of contact that can help you see the bigger picture of how these technologies fit together within your communications roadmap.  There are many viable paths forward and we’ll happily work alongside you as an advocate to ensure you achieve all of your PBX and communications goals. 

ShoreTel Deployments on a Regional or National Level 

Several of our more prominent enterprise clients have complex ShoreTel deployments that incorporate hundreds of physical locations across the nation or the entire globe.  Others like the Milwaukee Bucks or JCPS, one of the nation’s largest school districts, have unique organizational needs that require the ideal blend of on-premise and cloud technologies.  Take a look at how we helped these companies build out their PBX environments to meet specific needs: 


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Understanding Our ShoreTel Support Plans 

As your partner, we will make sure your support plan is appropriate for your business goals.  Our Mitel and ShoreTel support plans are offered in 1-, 2- and 3-year agreements.    You’ll want to contact us for a quote if you are looking to for a new partner, (called a Change of Partner) and ask about potential buy-out options of your current contract.  You have the option to choose one of our support plans where we provide the support directly for you, or you can choose Enterprise Support where we’re your ShoreTel partner for guidance and planning, but you communicate directly with Mitel for direct vendor support.   

The types of plans we offer are:  

Time and Materials (T&M)

Billed on a per-project, as needed basis, where your PBX support is provided by our team of support engineers.  

Standard plans (not T&M)

Billed as direct, anytime PBX support that’s provided directly from our certified engineers and industry consultants. 

Enterprise plans

This agreement is for businesses that prefer to work directly with Mitel support, by opening tickets through the Mitel support portal.    

For further details about each ShoreTel and Mitel support plan available, please contact us directly.  


Our team is more than a group of engineers, we are consultants and project managers with years of industry experience.  That allows us to look at your business holistically and make recommendations that other ShoreTel dealers wouldn’t realize naturally.  We also have strategic relationships with many of the top hardware vendors in the country to source and overnight ship parts and materials much faster than other partners.  All these added features are to give you additional peace of mind. 

No matter where your workforce is located, you can give your team the right collaboration and communication tools on your Mitel or ShoreTel PBX.  From audio, web, and video conferencing options to secure applications, we are a trusted Mitel Platinum Partner that makes it easy to align the right collaboration solutions for your company’s specific goals and needs.   

Contact us today to learn more about our Mitel/ShoreTel Support plans or to get started with the Mitel change of partner process. 





When you look to us as your dedicated ShoreTel provider, we won't simply sell you a phone system, but rather solutions that uniquely address your specific business goals.


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