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Users of ShoreTel Connect's online faxing service have the ability to conveniently send and receive faxes without using a standard fax machine.  Instead, fax documents are sent and received through a user's email account. 

Fax From Any Device or Computer

Since faxes are sent and received via email, all you need is access to your email account and internet access.  This is device independent making BYOD a practical reality. 

No Paper Means Less Clutter

Since all transmissions are processed electronically through the internet, common frustrations such as running out of paper or fixing paper jams are now left in the past. 



 Save Money Faxing Through the Internet

Gone are the days of purchasing expensive dedicated analog phone lines for your fax machine.

Cloud faxing uses your existing internet connection to deliver and receive faxes regardless of the quantity of fax numbers you have or want. 

  An Affordable Solution for Everyone

The ShoreTel fax solution is available at affordable prices and can be purchased as an advanced unified communications application.

ShoreTel Connect Fax Might be a Good Fit for You if...

grchkmrkYou want to save money

grchkmrkYou want to fax anytime, anywhere

grchkmrkYou want to reduce paper clutter

grchkmrkYou want to throw your fax machine out the window





With ShoreTel's cloud faxing solution, you are guaranteed to save money for your business.  We stand by the products we support, and if we don't believe a product is to your benefit, we will let you know. 


To learn more about how we can help your business with your communication needs, please contact us today.


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