AI Promises to Revolutionize Cloud Communications, Can It Deliver?


No longer science fiction, it’s not a reach to say AI has taken the world by storm. Just as cloud communications changed the way businesses connect and collaborate a few years ago, AI is transforming how we approach tasks and make decisions, promising to shape the future of work and our daily lives. 

And AI has already significantly impacted the cloud communications industry by providing tools such as virtual assistants and chatbots that can automate tasks, deliver real-time translation, and help teams work more efficiently. AI has also had a hand in enabling more personalized experiences so businesses can analyze large amounts of data to understand their customers' needs and preferences better and tailor their products and services accordingly, even going so far as to claim to increase revenue. 

But, as with any emerging technology, the question remains: is it hype, or will AI live up to its promises? While the potential benefits are numerous and impressive, it must be incorporated and set up in a way that delivers real-world effectiveness rather than relying on hypothetical outcomes.  

Here are some recently announced cloud communication AI applications that caught our eye as having the potential to produce real business results: 

RingCentral RingSense for Sales 

RingCentral touts RingSense for sales as a "new type of conversation intelligence platform." RingSense promises to rapidly enhance your revenue org and gain revenue-boosting insights from customer interactions. It will enable sales teams to surpass their sales targets every quarter by utilizing conversation insights from customer engagements across various channels such as calls, emails, and video meetings—seamlessly integrated with your CRM to provide: 

  • At-a-glance views: Provides a quick and easy way to view key metrics and data points through a range of customizable dashboards that allow users to view their data in various formats, such as charts and graphs. 

  • Intelligence scoring: Automatically scores conversations based on specific criteria, such as tone, sentiment, and language, to help users identify which exchanges require immediate attention and which ones can be prioritized for later. 

  • Automated summaries: Users can quickly understand the key points of a conversation without having to read through every word with automatically generated summaries of discussions. 

  • Custom trackers: Create custom trackers to monitor specific metrics and data points from customer satisfaction scores to sales performance.  

RingSense integrates with several of the most popular CRM platforms, so sales teams won't miss a beat while taking advantage of all it has to offer. And one of the more exciting aspects is RingCentral understands that while they hold a significant share of the market, not every business uses their platform; eventually, it will become an open AI source allowing more businesses to take advantage of RingSense.  

Dialpad Ai 

Dialpad Ai harnesses the power of embedded voice recognition and sophisticated natural language processing, streamlining workflows and bolstering insights that enrich both the customer and employee experience. In fact, Dialpad says contact centers using the technology are more than doubling their agent efficiency and are seeing average answering speeds lowered by 23%, abandon rates reduced by 20%, and agent productivity boosts of 2x. Here are some of its key attributes for: 

Support Agents 

  • Real-time recommendations and next best steps 

  • Predictive customer sentiment scores 

  • Real-time sentiment tracking 

Sales Teams 

  • Live coaching 

  • Real-time rep activity 

  • Task automation 


  • Call summaries 

  • Instant transcription and archival 

  • Complete, searchable conversation histories 

Dialpad Ai's dynamic features provide real-time insights for support agents, enhance sales team operations, and offer valuable tools for employees. 


Nice CXone's Contact Engine is proactive conversational AI that delivers effortless CX while reducing the cost to serve by engaging your customers in AI-driven conversation before they need to contact you. The idea is to leverage technology to help companies achieve goals by enabling meaningful automated experiences from ordering to installation by: 

  • Inviting customer responses to questions before they contact you 

  • Engaging in a single conversation across the lifetime of the customer journey 

  • Reducing cost-to-serve via pre-empted inbound calls 

  • Identify journey optimization opportunities 

NICE AI automation also aims to reduce mundane tasks so agents have more time to focus on what matters most: customer experience. One of the most exciting components is the ability to complete after-contact work (ACW) for reps so they can move on to duties that directly affect your contact center goals. With the busy work out of the way, productivity and staff engagement increase. 

Microsoft Copilot 

Microsoft's Copilot provides personalized assistance through AI-powered recommendations and intuitive, voice-activated interactions. Users can easily locate and complete tasks, access relevant content, and collaborate with others seamlessly. Overall, Copilot aims to enhance the user experience and increase productivity within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. 

Microsoft says Copilot transforms work in these three ways: 

Harness Creativity 

Jump-start your creative process in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Instead of starting with a blank slate, Copilot provides you with a first draft to edit and refine, saving you hours of writing, sourcing, and editing time. While Copilot may not always be accurate, it always puts you ahead, giving you the control to drive your unique ideas forward and prompt Copilot to shorten, rewrite, or provide feedback. With Copilot in PowerPoint, you can easily create stunning presentations by adding relevant content from your previous documents. And in Excel, Copilot helps you analyze trends and create professional-looking data visualizations within seconds. 

Enhance Productivity 

In Outlook, Copilot can quickly summarize long email threads and suggest replies, allowing you to clear your inbox in just a few minutes. During Teams meetings, Copilot can summarize important discussion points, identify areas of agreement and disagreement, and suggest action items in real time, making every meeting productive. With Copilot in Power Platform, even non-technical users can automate repetitive tasks, create chatbots, and develop working apps in just a matter of minutes. 

Elevate Skills 

Improve your existing abilities and quickly acquire new ones. Typically, people tend to use only a few commands from the vast number available in Microsoft 365, such as "insert a table" or "animate a slide." With Copilot, you can unlock the full range of rich functionality using simple natural language.  

Microsoft says Copilot is set to revolutionize how people interact with AI and vice versa. As with any novel work pattern, there may be a learning curve, but those who adopt this new method of working will gain a competitive advantage in no time. 

Zoom IQ for Sales 

Zoom IQ is a suite of conversational intelligence features that aims to enhance the effectiveness of Zoom phone and video and communications. Zoom IQ offers a comprehensive suite of features that can help users make the most of their video meetings by providing them with in-depth insights and analysis.  

It can also be beneficial for sales and marketing teams, providing them the ability to review and analyze sales calls and identify patterns and insights that can lead to improved sales performance, such as: 

  • Identify key customer pain points  

  • Search and filter through meeting transcripts based on keywords  

  • Recognize trends and topics that resonate with customers  

By analyzing customer interactions and feedback, sales and marketing teams can improve their messaging and sales strategies to better align with customer needs and preferences. 

These examples demonstrate the enormous potential of AI in the cloud communication industry. However, it is important to remain cautious and critical of these capabilities until they have been thoroughly evaluated. Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, which is behind ChatGPT, says the technology will change the world more than anything in the history of humanity. Is he right? We'll have to wait and see. 

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