Unified Communications Solutions for Higher Education

Empower Your Digital Learning Future 

Reliable communications tools for schools and universities are a necessity for creating a conducive learning environment. Educators need communication tools that are no longer location-dependent and agile enough to bring campuses together in any learning environment. 

At Converged Technology Professionals, we serve as true partners to education institutions from K to 12 all the way up to major universities and technical schools. Our team helps minimize the impacts on your IT department and ensures every staff member has the right collaboration tools to empower students and faculty. Just contact us online or give us a call to learn how we can help! 


Secure Private Virtual Classrooms

Secure, Private Virtual Classrooms 

Today’s cloud-based communication platforms incorporate certifications like FERPA, HIPAA, AICPA and HITRUST to deliver multiple layers of completely secure virtual classroom learning. 

Built-in E911 Notifications

Built-in E-911 Notifications 

E911 is a critical feature for school campuses to provide a caller’s exact location to authorities, while also notifying security & administrators of a potential campus emergency in real time. 


Simplify IT Management

Simplify IT Management 

Cloud communication reduces the complexity found in on-premise PBX environments and consolidates communication tools under a single platform to reduce IT burdens.  Training and user setups are simplified as well at scale. 

Superior Collaboration Tools

Superior Collaboration Tools 

Make it easier to engage and collaborate with co-workers, parents, and students through voice, video, SMS and chat. Instantly share lectures and teaching materials securely.  

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Supported by Communications Experts for Higher Ed  

With Converged Technology Professionals, our Technical Account Management (TAM) team provides support during the migration and implementation process to ensure a smooth transition. Ongoing post-implementation assistance is also available through our Professional Services offerings.

Mass Notifications to Keep the Campus Safe 

In the event of an emergency, mass notifications allow you to alert teachers, faculty and the student body with instant updates and instructions on staying safe.  Combined with E-911 monitoring and reporting, critical information can be shared in real time when it matters the most.  

A Truly Unified Communications Experience 

Unified communication solutions like RingCentral make it easy for school districts and universities communicate securely and effectively while meeting state/federal requirements. We’re a RingCentral Premier Partner the guides teachers and faculty to communicate through calls, chat, SMS, video, file sharing and more. 

Personalized Training for Team Members & IT Leaders 

Converged Technology Professionals also provides fun, interactive group training that is 100% customized for your company. Sessions are tailored for each user’s specific role to get your IT leaders and employees up to speed quickly. 



Proven Leaders in Education Communications Solutions 

Converged Technology Professionals functions as a true partner for your internal-external communication and collaboration needs to help you better serve your students, faculty, parents and the public.   

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