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If you need an experienced ShoreTel support partner, the following user guides and videos found below provide a wealth of information on the features and functionality of the various ShoreTel products.


As a Platinum ShoreTel Partner, we provide professional consulting services for ShoreTel phone and unified communication systems for businesses throughout the Midwest and U.S.  If you are looking for a ShoreTel partner that can help with your business communications and systems needs, please contact us today to learn how we can help.

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Analog Phone Quick Reference.pdf82572 Download
Android User Guide 7.1.pdf2801087.10Download
Blackberry User Guide 7.1.pdf8774597.10Download
Communicator for Mac Manual.pdf252841912.00Download
Communicator for Mac Manual.pdf363833414.02Download
Communicator for Windows Manual.pdf952837212.03Download
Communicator for Windows Manual.pdf93560514.02Download
Communicator iPhone Quick Reference.pdf514926 Download
Communicator Quick Reference.pdf127539 Download
Conferencing & Instant Messaging Planning & Installation Guide 14.2.pdf102962114.02Download
Conferencing of iOS.pdf138730 Download
Contact Center 7 Agent Guide.pdf12322417.00Download
Contact Center 7 Reporting Guide.pdf9733157.00Download
Contact Center 7 Supervisor Guide.pdf27772957.00Download
Contact Center 8 Agent Guide.pdf6492278.00Download
Contact Center 8 Reporting Guide.pdf12188048.00Download
Contact Center 8 Supervisor Guide.pdf4984688.00Download
How to Add a License Key.pdf68366 Download
IP 115 Manual.pdf216585 Download
IP 115 Quick Reference.pdf264881 Download
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