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ShoreTel Connect Cloud is a robust virtual PBX phone system that seamlessly unifies your communications throughout your entire organization.  Built on a solid platform, your hosted system is easier to manage and administer than ever before.

Bridging Telephony with Unified Communications

ShoreTel Connect products are developed on the same code-base as their communication tools whether it's their PBX system, instant messaging (IM), one-touch conferencing, user presence, or even peer to peer video chat. 

Unlike many other providers, all the various collaboration and communication tools are securely integrated rather than operating as separate individual applications.  

 Intelligently Designed to be Brilliantly Simple

Other cloud-based phone systems can often be complicated and difficult to manage due to the myriad of configuration options and features offered. 

This is not the case when you use Connect Cloud for your hosted PBX needs.  ShoreTel built the Connect platform designed from the ground up to be brilliantly simple for the end user.



 Perfect for Remote Employees

With the rise of remote and out of office workers, ShoreTel's hosted VoIP phone system provide the same features and usability as if they were in the office next door. 

With access to the same unified collaboration tools as employees in the office, remote workers experience greater productivity and less frustration.

 Multiple Offices, One System

Employees in separate office locations from the west side to east side of town, California to DC, or Chicago to London are no longer hindered from collaborating due to the miles in between. 

With ShoreTel Cloud, everyone can start and join instant video conference meetings, transfer calls to each other, instant message, and view the online status of other users thanks to the presence feature. 


 Using the Mobility App Provides Greater Accessibility

The ShoreTel mobility app installs on any mobile device.  Users can take advantage of the same phone and UC features as when using their desk phone.

Users can make and receive inbound and outbound calls which display their business caller ID, use business minutes not their personal plan minutes, start conferences, and much more.

No Longer Restricted to Just the Cloud

The Connect platform allows the flexibility for businesses to use ShoreTel Connect Cloud simultaneously with their onsite PBX.

This means employees using Connect Cloud can transfer calls to other employees using Connect Onsite, view each other's presence, IM, and do everything else regardless of which environment they are in. 

ShoreTel Connect Cloud Might be a Good Fit for You if...


grchkmrkYou employ remote workers or agents who work primarily from a home office

grchkmrkYou have multiple offices and locations (even globally)

grchkmrkYou prefer monthly billing vs. up front costs associated with an onsite PBX

grchkmrkYou prefer having ShoreTel be responsible for system upgrades, ensuring up-time, and creating backups

grchkmrkYou don't have the IT staff or expertise to handle an onsite PBX





We are a proud ShoreTel Platinum Partner and have routinely earned the Circle of Excellence award. Our professional trainers can enable you and your team to become fully acquainted with your new phone system. 

We will work with you to determine the best configuration and implementation processes to follow in order to meet your company objectives and goals.  


To learn more about how we can help your business, please contact us today.


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