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Looking for an on-premise IP PBX phone system to handle your business communication and network requirements isn't a simple task. Your company has specific needs that factor into finding the perfect solution.  As a ShoreTel Platinum Partner, we  help you determine if ShoreTel Connect Onsite  is the right match for your business goals.  

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  IP PBX Reliability with Communication Functionality

The ShoreTel Connect Onsite solution is an IP PBX system designed to provide business continuity with 99.999% availability.  

The Connect platform integrates with their unified communication applications which are proven to increase user productivity and collaboration.

Simplify Business Communications

Conveniently manage and configure important everyday communication tools such as IM, presence, on-demand conference bridges, blind transfers, and the list can go on.  

Since the Connect platform is written on the same code base as ShoreTel's UC services, everything works together seamlessly.



  Network Diagnostic Monitoring

grchkmrkDiagnostic monitoring for viewing call volume, call quality, bandwidth utilization, highest feature usage, and hardware usage statistics.

grchkmrkAlert monitoring for connections, trunk groups, bandwidth, voice quality appliances and servers.

grchkmrkEasy to view status details of sites, system, appliances, IP phones, trunk groups, voice mail and much more.

grchkmrkAdministrative control over rules for user and access permissions, music on hold, port configurations, trusted IP ranges, and many more areas of the system.

 Advanced Customization Features

grchkmrkIntegrate existing in-house custom developed apps with your ShoreTel system through the use of their APIs.

grchkmrkControl how you incorporate ShoreTel's mobility apps with your workforce regardless of location.

grchkmrkManage advanced onsite call routing options and configurations.

grchkmrkEasily monitor your system through a single view management application.


 Install ShoreTel Apps on Virtual Machines to Reduce Costs


ShoreTel switches, routers and service appliances can all run within virtual environments.

This results in lower overhead and maintenance costs, as well as a more manageable network configuration and setup, something everyone will appreciate from the CEO to your IT support team!

 Easy Administration of the ShoreTel Connect Director

Administering the ShoreTel Onsite system couldn't be easier.  Built with simplicity in mind, the ShoreTel Connect Director, a web-based administration interface runs from any browser.    

View and manage your phone system configurations and network status for all locations across the entire organization.

An Onsite PBX Might be a Good Fit for You if...

grchkmrkYou have data sensitive applications that are not capable or not permitted to be cloud based.

grchkmrkYou already have an IT staff capable of managing system configurations, updates, and network continuity.

grchkmrkYou prefer to pay business investments upfront knowing you will recover TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in 3 or more years.

grchkmrkYou prefer having full control over the administration and management of upgrades, redundancy, and system configurations specific to your business.



As a ShoreTel Platinum partner, our team of networking and telecom consultants understand all the ins and outs of ShoreTel phone system deployments.  We've worked with small businesses to multi-national enterprises, whether a virtual hosted solution, on-premise or a mix of both. 

With proven experience and having earned multiple ShoreTel performance awards, we will work with you to develop the perfect solution for your business. 


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