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  • Understanding the Buzz Behind Bring Your Own Carrier

    Understanding the Buzz Behind Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

    Jul 19, 2022
    When migrating your communications to the cloud, it's important that you do it in a way that makes the most sense for your organization. See if a Bring Your Own Carrier approach would be your best option.
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  • Bluetooth Headsets in the Contact Center A Cautionary Tale

    Bluetooth Headsets in the Contact Center: A Cautionary Tale

    May 03, 2022
    The last thing you want in your migration projects is to discover that the headsets you just ordered are not compatible. Prevent this massive headache by conducting thorough research before making your next headset purchase!
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  • Why Short-Term UCaaS Agreements Don’t Make Sense

    Why Short-Term UCaaS Agreements Don’t Make Sense

    Feb 22, 2022
    We get it. Signing a long-term contract with a vendor that you haven't personally used yet is very daunting. However, opting for a short-term contract could be a huge mistake after making your final decision. See what benefits you can be missing out on if you decide to not go with the long-term option.
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  • What Do You Get from On-Premise PBX Support Contracts?

    RingCentral Partners with Verizon to Serve Enterprise UCaaS Clients

    Jul 27, 2021
    It was recently announced that Verizon Business, with their best-in-class network, is partnering with UCaaS leader, RingCentral. This collaboration will provide large businesses and enterprises with cloud-based tools and allow for a more seamless implementation of a hybrid work strategy.
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  • Mistakes to Avoid with Enterprise Service Level Agreements

    Mistakes to Avoid with Enterprise Service Level Agreements

    Apr 13, 2021
    When IT teams evaluate a new technology, the service-level agreement is often underappreciated for its impact on the total value added. IT teams should avoid the following common SLA mistakes when investigating new tools.
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  • The Top Five Features to Look for in Enterprise Headsets

    Jan 05, 2021
    A good quality headset may not seem that important but they actually have a great impact on your contact center agent's performance. An advanced headset are not only more comfortable to be worn for long periods of time, they also come with features that give a boost to productivity that your customers will benefit from. See what you should look out for when choosing which headset to go with!
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  • CPAAS and Enterprise Uses

    Examples of CPaaS and How Enterprises Can Benefit From It

    Jun 05, 2017
    In this article, we provide practical examples that showcase the different ways CPaaS can be used by the enterprise market to empower businesses like never before. We explain what CPaaS is through real examples and why it's so important for businesses to take advantage of this communications tool.
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